Friday, September 7, 2007

ZOGBux Smashes Screaming Through Last Safety Net

U.S. Dollar just crashed down through 80 cents but many people say the real plunge is being hidden by automated trading and plunge protection teams. Left to it's own devices it might be .60 or less right now.

Nuttin' but air between the entire continent and contingency cannibalism.

If this trend continues then by this time next year, Amerikwa will be a 3,000 mile wide flaming mega-Balkans in a war of all against all.


CadorBolin said...

Sorry if this is not related directly to this post, but in a previous one, you called 'dailykos' the best fake opposition that money can buy.

Turns out that kos has just now endorsed Hillary:

I admit, I've been skeptical of vault-co before, but I think he's turning out to be right about everything in the end.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the house of cards is collapsing.


Anonymous said...

God help us all...