Saturday, September 22, 2007

Utah Shelter Systems

If you are planning on building a classic style blast shelter as recommended by Cresson Kearney and Oak Ridge Labs in Tennessee (as we have done at Vault-Co) then you must read everything on this page in detail. You could spend hours studying abstracts from Oak Ridge to glean what you can get in five minutes reading this website.

Personally I felt their old website had better information, but this one still gives extensive directions in construction of these kinds of corrugated galvanized blast shelters that you won't find consolidated anywhere else. Don't neglect a detail they have mentioned - these people build several of these shelters a year and have learned from their mistakes many times over.

For construction of other kinds of shelters you can seek other sources of expertise but for this particular kind of shelter (tested under real nuclear weapons) there is no substitute.

This shelter is rated to survive a one megaton blast directly overhead or on the lip of a five megaton ground detonation. It is also specifically engineered to provide high survivability against atomic energy weapons aimed at maximizing human casualties like the neutron bomb. Buried at suitable depth with crushed rock it will provide shielding against radiation far in excess of almost all conventional shelter designs.


Anonymous said...

This Real Estate Bubble really pisses me off. Bit hard to buy a retreat and to build your bunker when cashed up (read deep in debt) suckers bid the price of anything related to real estate to insane prices. I mean come on, 9-10 times salary for a basic house?

If it weren't for this bubble I'd have that retreat. Whilst an underground bunker wouldn't be built in all likelyhood I'd have had a place to take my family to ala Bison Survival blog style. But there is NOWHERE to buy that isn't at crazy prices. Guess I'll just have to pray that the bubble bursts and prices plummet at the same time I win the lotto.

PS - Tex. Have you seen that Pommy movie "right at your door" (2006). Basically a dirty bomb with a virus explodes in downtown LA. I had to "resort" to using a torrent as it is not available in Oz. I highly recommend it (although my missus got upset when I yelled at the Telly that anti-biotics wouldn't work against a virus and I got stroppy at the main characters stupidity. I mean come on, your covered in toxic dust but lack the intelligence to wash it off using the hose?

Texas Arcane said...

Do you think you could go farther out to get a place really cheap? There's so many dying towns in Australia with land at giveaway prices.

I've heard you can still get a great house and land package for under $100,000 if you go out far enough and bury whatever you want on your acreage.