Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Teaching them to shoot what moves

Halfway through WW3, there will be a huge raft of technical innovation just like halfway through WW2. Only instead of better munitions and aircraft, it will be a limitless marching horde of networked adaptive poison-injecting cooporative killbots with orders to destroy all of mankind.

There's also a downside to all of this. I thought I'd give you the good news first.


Anonymous said...

I forgot the name of the movie you used the pic from but if I recall correctly the killer-robot had an americanflag spray painted on its face.

How's that for prophecy?


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know you have convinced me on this issue.

I've always been in fundamental agreement with you on the core issues (racial issues excepted; I am more prudent there). I had accepted the official Global Warming scenario (not my field :), but being made aware of other views (by you and others), I've long rejected GW---the evidence for the new Ice Age is overwhelming.

But still I used to laugh at your Terminator Future scenario. And I did this laughing not from sheer ignorance (as it is the case all too often), but from deep understanding of the issue and the difficulty of the advances involved, myself knowing both my bio and my IT to a level that put to shame most of my self-styled "colleagues".

I used to laugh. No longer.

I am convinced, you are right about this, too. Terminators ARE coming. The control problems WILL be cracked. We are f*cked.

I can only hope they are simply mechanical machines---operational killer cyborgs (cybrids, parasymbionts, whatever) open too scary an scenario to contemplate. As I boasted before, I KNOW the stuff, including the bio part, I know what can be unleashed. Again, I expect this part WON'T be cracked on time. I hope I am not wrong this time, too.

I am truly scared.

Man, I am agnostic---not a nihilist but I have no faith about God(s) one way or another. But since you DO believe, please do pray for me---for all of us non-zombies, non-antihumans.

Texas Arcane said...

The most encouraging aspect of the coming widespread use of killer robots will be that they will be built by humans and therefore will ultimately run like crap.

They will break down, have plenty of weak points and likely malfunction when least expected.

Incidentally, this is also the most frightening aspect of the coming widespread use of killer robots.

We can only hope they use Rational Rose to develop the supporting software, which means their first act when turned on will be to attack their creators and kill them in a horrific fashion.