Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunspots Say The Forecast Is For Cooling

You know the generic, vague and elusive fashion that all globo-warmthers speak in?

Well, it's just an extension of the way people in general speak nowadays. It's postmodernism marching through another institution. In order to prepare people for this kind of "science," it was first necessary to redefine the practice and methodology of science itself. Globo-warmspeak is "science" for people who will never have the brains to understand real science. The essential distinguishing quality of this kind of "science" is it's underlying vanity.

It took two generations to properly lay the groundwork for this gibberish in order to rely on it's warm reception by the know-nothings who know everything. Oprah Winfrey has played a big part in this constant flattery of the common mind, which is and always will be junk for understanding anything beyond the local level. Mother nature makes a lot of crap for brains and it took much social engineering to convince the half-wit unwashed and unclean majority that they was now scienmajific and whatnot. Once dey bee edjumificated dey believes anything at all dey bee told by udder edjumificated types and what have you.

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