Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shrub Suffers From Uncontrollable Hook'em Horns Twitch

These guys would be a bunch of hilarious assklowns if they were not ushering in WW3.

I think in one out of two pictures you will catch Bush flashing that inane Luciferian salute like some kind of crazed fan at a death metal concert. What an idiot.

The only bigger idiots, of course, would be the Krisschanns who know so little about the Bible they think this guy is one of God's children. Wouldn't you get just a tad ... suspicious, at some point?

For those of you with the secular atheist point of view, have you ever seen retarded kids doing pretty much the same thing - metal fans identifying so strongly with the "bitchin' force of evil," that their hand is ready at any moment to flash their deranged shadow puppet Satan mitt? :)

Yes, I know that's supposed to be his Texas longhorns salute, according to his spin team.

Or maybe the guy is almost unbelievably dopey and actually belongs in an institution, not the most powerful executive office on Earth.

I'll bet if you concentrate, you can think back to some point at which you saw an older retarded or semi-mongo type doing exactly the same thing. 'Cuz it's like "wicked."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks VC - I needed a good laugh at the moment.

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