Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sea Level Rise Is A FRAUD. A FRAUD!!!!!!

Look into their EYES. Global warming is a cult. It's the last phase of mental degeneration after people have surrendered their nations, their faith, their culture and their society. It's a religion for those who have none. Globowarmthinkers are human train wrecks, plain and simple. It's not what is going on out there, it's what is going on inside those poisoned toxic skulls of theirs.

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Anonymous said...

The global warming freaks are so far gone that the next thing they'll be saying is "no,no,sea levels really are rising,it's just that the entire land mass of the Earth is rising too 'cos of the CO2 getting underneath it and making it float so it just makes it look like sea levels aren't rising", or some such equally ridiculous and far fetched nonsense. These people make me SICK!!