Thursday, September 20, 2007

Saudis Preparing To Revile ZOGBux As Worthless Paper

The Islamic Dinar is a historical inevitability. Nothing is going to stop it short of a third world war. It looks like that is exactly what some people are prepared to initiate in order to keep this paper funnymunny afloat.

The Saudis cannot perform miracles. They cannot afford to sell a real tangible asset for paper with no redeemable value. They have to store the value of their capital in something that has an existence in the three dimensional world outside the schizophrenic fantasy camp of Amerikwa's "We printed it and we're the big guys, so take it in trade," despite the fact it's trajectory has followed that of every fiat currency since the beginning of recorded history.

It does not even inspire the ill-conceived confidence that once kept it aloft despite it's being a junk currency from a nation whose only remaining export is pornography and crappy movies like "Brokeback Mountain." The problem is not the label on the dogfood can. The problem is, the dog doesn't like that food anymore. Nobody does.

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