Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ron Paul? Hoozat? Can't see'em. Mirage. McGuffin.

Ron Paul could be descending with Christ over the White House in a cloud of glory, blowing all the windows out with the massive wind of his coming, they'd still be insisting his support is just limited to a few libertarians who live with their parents in Maine.

Ron Paul won't be allowed on the ballot. Won't happen. If it did, Diebold would make sure all his votes are lost anyway.


CadorBolin said...

In my dream world, the 2008 election would be between Pat Buchanan (R) and Ron Paul (D).

Anonymous said...

Despite his campaign being financially supported by Barry Manilow, Ron Paul seems to say what he thinks. Most of the other candidates say what they want the voters to think. So you are probably right, for some reason he's not a corporate mouthpiece and therefore wont get a guernsey.