Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Queers Want Women To Take Their Places In The Military

Women can't fight. It's a televitz fantasy.

Even with physical requirements reduced to one-third of the male fitness test, every woman I ever saw in the Army failed it. Ditto for nearly everything other than physical.

In the movies, super-powered babes kick men's asses whilst flying around on cables shooting lightning bolts from their eyeballs.

Needless to say, things are somewhat different in realityvitz.

Civilizations are founded to organize the protection of women and children. By the time a society has declined so far it is willing to actually send potential childbearers to the front lines, it is something that simply isn't worth anyone fighting for.

We can do better than this grease trap too stupid to even know what it smells like. Let's all applaud when the atomic fire does this one over easy and paves the way for something more like what people actually want. This civilization is a trash heap and the best way to handle a pile of garbage is for somebody to burn it up. World War III will be the best thing that has happened around here in a long, long time. Maranatha. Even God finally loses patience sooner or later.

Waffle and obscure though they may, there is one kind of man and one kind only that writes articles with this kind of advocacy. Needless to say, it ain't heterosexuals. Any normally developed male will feel deep, instinctive repulsion at this suggestion. It only starts to sound like a good idea after you have drunk thousands of gallons of man-goo smoothie beverages.

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