Friday, September 7, 2007

Preparations in U.S. To Institute Martial Law

Remember all the stuff predicted by survivalist nuts like Kurt Saxon thirty years ago?

Well, it was all true. The government really was going to use fake terrorist attacks as an excuse to create a one-world government, strip America of all freedoms and induct it into a North American Superstate under the U.N.'s supervision.

Sounded pretty crazy thirty years ago. So did the John Birch society pamphlets.

All of it was true.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Dooly! This is F$*)king insane!

I've been a believer for a while now. But my prep's are sweet FA. More aimed at natural disaster type scenario. Maybe a TEMPORARY break down in law and order. But mostly my prep's have been in the order of "yeah it may happen one day in the distant future". I did not think it would happen this F$**king quick.

I'm in deep trouble. Consumer debt - just added to it. Prep's - innadequate. Plan B? Non-existant. In fact Plan A is pretty damn weak as well. May as well get the mark of the beast now and be done with it.

couple that link with the subprime + collapse USD + skyrocketing gold price.