Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh Happy Day

A hundred years from now, this is what historians will write in their books ...

The Gathering Storm

The oddest aspect of the cultural and social climate that existed in the West shortly before World War III began was it's nigh hysterical optimism. Briefly before three billion people were to die of the direct effects of blast, fallout, famine, disease and armed conflict, the self-styled leaders of the doomed enterprise assured their citizens that life had never been so good and that the future would be only better and brighter. The only comparable irony is the manic utopianism that flourished before the first World War began in the early part of the prior century and then afterwards, when it was announced that the League of Nations (thereafter disbanded) announced that war as a means of conflict resolution had been unanimously voted illegal by all countries participating.

It can be said in hindsight that of all the utopian ideologies that existed previously none shed greater rivers of blood than the ballyhooed parade called globalism, multiculturalism and 'free trade.' It was to be the fatal folly of the entire West when it's fruits finally bloomed."

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