Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lucifer's Child Flickers His Forked Tongue

Rudy Giuliani is truly the sickest, weirdest and nuttiest sodomite currently running for President. America looks more and more like Rome with it's astounding lineup of nuts, whackos, psychopaths and degenerates marching through the institutions.

Notice how the sociopathic personality can change into any shape or form depending on the person they are speaking to. They have no center. They have no principles. Their principles are to say and do whatever is needed to achieve power.

In Asperger's autism, the part of the brain that is the driving force in sociopaths withers away. It barely even develops at all. The sociopath is best described as a person who experiences hypertrophy in this structure ... it is in the mammalian layer of the brain we find the deficit. A sociopath is a lizard inside a human skin pretending to be warmblooded. In Asperger's autism, the subject will try to mimic the duplicity, ambiguity and general indirection that characterizes human interactions - although it's always imitation. In the sociopath, they are masters of deception who mimic human feelings and compassion - - although it's always imitation. People with Asperger's are honest to the point of it being almost ridiculous, whereas with the Rudy Giulianis of the world, they are biologically opportunist to the point of it being ridiculous. One is too straightforward for his own good ... the other can never tell the truth, even when they want to tell the truth.

They're the complete opposites at different ends of the human spectrum and I suspect that sociopaths will always feel the Asperger's personality to be their natural biological enemy in that they are kind of the "ultimate sniffer dog" for finding them out. They might fool most of the people all of the time but there will always be one kind of person they'll never fool. I think they know this instinctively in their horrid, inhuman way.

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