Monday, September 3, 2007

Itz coming - BIGTIME

Move preps to higher state of readiness. You see my friend, itz coming.

What will happen in the aftermath? Ten years down the road?

Just about anything.


Anonymous said...

Ten years later?

"Men willing to wage war over a tank of juice".

Mad Max 2 will seem like a prophecy.


Anonymous said...

I am here in the States, in Texas as a matter of fact. People here see what is going on but in truth I have not talked to anyone who really cares if Iran or Iraq or the rest of the world just dies. People here have our own problems, politicians not caring what the people think, illegals crossing at will, Piss on the whole middle east. Personally if I could afford it at the moment I would emigrate to NZ.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article.

I seriously doubt Russia, China and the SCO nations will sit by and let this happen unanswered.

BTW, the U.S. economy is crashing around our ears. We don't have the industry left to go to war. Logistics are stretched too thin.

67% of all U.S. military production parts (missles, bombs, etc) are made in Europe or Asia (Taiwan).

It was fun while it lasted, but the party is over. The U.S. has been decimated by it's own slothen, greedy pursuits.

The following things are working against us:

Drought means MUCH higher food prices

Oil Prices remaining high, and slowly creeping up.

Poor infrastructure; lack of funding.

Credit system is in its violent death-throwes

U.S. property values seen to devaluate by 50% in the next year

U.S. $ is plummeting

U.S. Military is stretched thin and Can no longer hold out in a protracted, large-scale conventional war.

Executive order allowing the president "Emporer Powers" in the event of a nationally declared Martial Law situation.

Doing the math, anyone can see where this is going.

Whether the fire is started without, or within; the end result is a nation in flames.


CadorBolin said...

I've been reading some Harry Elmer Barnes lately:

...which leads me to confirm my belief that the West's "victory" in WW2 has been a rather crappy one. Sure, there was a brief period of peace, decency and prosperity in the 1950s to give some fruits of the victory to the masses who actually fought the war, but everything has gone downhill ever since. A proponent of official WW2 history took me to task for my opinions, to which I retorted: we "won" WW2 so we could enjoy the freedom of seeing Christianity being labeled as hate propaganda and to force schoolchildren to watch BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN--some victory!

I'm not going to go as far as other revisionists and say that Germany was a tragic nation that fought heroically against the "jew-run" Soviet Union, but I think it's safe to say that WW2 was a "pox on all their houses".

What does this have to do with the current geopolitical situation? Well, liberal interventionist rhetoric has been used to start wars against Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and the same is now being used against Iran.

Yes, it's quite true that these countries were being run by dictators before the US attacked them. That doesn't give justification, however. Milosevic of Serbia is probably the most sympathetic figure; any cursory reading of the history of that nation will move even the mildest eurocentric patriot to tears.

How do you fight liberal interventionist language in the public arena when 90% of the moronic public is easily deluded by that language? Even most of the anti-war stance is taken by liberals who take such a position because the President has an (R) right next to his name. These same people enthusiastically cheered on Clinton's bombing of Serbia. Reminds me of Pete Seeger who put out a book of poetry condemning Roosevelt's hawkish stance towards the USSR's "ally" Germany and when the latter attacked the former, he became an avid war supporter.

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney primes the neo-con media: