Wednesday, September 12, 2007

International Super Happy Funtime Hour Mystery Adventure

Kids, if Musharraf's military decides to split for the winning team and assists in a coup, then it's going to go all extra-spicey down here on Planet Earth.

Gotta love the timing. Is somebody somewhere playing a simulation called "Earth Armageddon Emulator?" Cuz' that's what it looks like when we see the headlines.

If God is love, who is dropping the smack on our asses? I think perhaps that God is love, but also mighty retribution and judgement when he wants to be. He's God, he's got all the adjustment widgets up there and can set up any scenario he wants to happen, then hit the "Run" arrow to see it all play out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah been predicting this myself for a while. Musharraf WILL fall. No doubt about that.

And God? Well mankind is perfectly capable of killing themselves without interference of a deity :)

- Rzero