Thursday, September 13, 2007

Globo-Warmthink Kult Is Now Officially Dead

What about the "consensus?"

Weren't a majority of sheeple convinced by Gore's adolescent purty picture show? Doesn't he travel in powerful circles and talk reel scienmajific like? How can the majority be wrong? If we take a vote and say something is true, doesn't that mean it is so?


The consensus is almost always wrong.

The biggest hint that something is bullsh*t is when you clearly see a majority of people begin to take it as a given. Especially in the era of the televitzer device. If it's on televitz or disseminated in the Propasphere, it's a lie. People don't pay a couple billion for a media outlet so they can go around telling the truth. The truth can spread itself without funding - it's the ultimate open source information sharing program.


Anonymous said...

But the Hudson Institute also disagrees with everything else that you've written about "Amerikwa" in your web log. In fact, the denial machine that argues that global warming isn't true also argues that big business is doing fine, that there's no global financial credit crunch, that we have more than enough oil for decades, that the U.S. is the best country in the world, and that libertarianism triumphs.

Texas Arcane said...

Golly, an attempt to discredit my point not with reason but by association. You know, the way second rate people do.

I've got a better one. Since I assume you don't suffer from Asperger's Autism ... and since people who don't have that kind of autism tend to lie naturally all the time about a lot of stuff, ergo, everything you say must be a lie or else a social prejudice like your attempt to associate my argument with somebody you don't approve of politically.

I don't know or have any affiliation of any kind with the Hudson Institute. I do however know that global warming is the biggest crock of bullsh*t in human history. Since my Asperger's gives me a kind of superhuman power to think for myself without being influenced by who is saying what, rather WHAT they are saying, maybe you should just trust me on this subject. I do not have a political affiliation. Of any kind. I think both parties, left and right, are all a bunch of morons throughout the Western world.

You'll notice the rightwing thinktanks always assume (flawed reasoning) that since the planet is obviously not heating up from human activity, then there must be no meaningful climate change occurring, period. They're as stupid and as confused as the left.

All of you will freeze together when this interglacial closes out, for lack of the ability to think for yourselves.

Now you know why Aspergerish genes have been preserved over at least 6 of the last 8 ice ages. 'Cuz they increase survival rates by seeing to it the brain gets the correct information to prepare for change.