Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Globo-Warmthink Is About Big Money From Nothing

Oy! Your money is poxed! A curse it is! Give it to me, I'll burn it for you!

The "War on Terror" allowed America to run a world-historical pork barrel into the trillions without really accomplishing much of anything. That line of revenue is starting to wear thin. A new cash injection for the elites with little in the way of actual product at even higher prices is required. Globo-Warmthink is perfect in this regard. There is no actual product. You pay for your sins alone. It's like Catholics without even getting rosary beads or trinkets in return. It's like at the Carnival where all the big prizes sit out front but you're damn lucky to walk away with a rubber eraser after spending $10.00 on balls. Globo-Warmthink is even better ... no product at all, not even an eraser.

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