Friday, September 21, 2007

Free Republic Is A ZOG Front And Always Has Been

"Free" Republic has been one of the biggest jokes on the internet for over a decade. It's basically where people in trailer parks gather to congratulate themselves on the fact they do and think exactly what they are told to do and think by the televitzer.

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CadorBolinI said...

At one point, the freeper site came down hard on those users who were complaining about Bush's immigration policies. They did eventually allow discussion on that issue, only because too many people had left and they needed to stop the bleeding.

But during that time, I had a lot of fun trolling their forum. I created an account that was rabidly pro-Bush in every way possible. I was saying ridiculous things like "Those who are against Bush's guest worker program are a bunch of racist, liberal union-sympathizing socialists who can't compete against hard-working latinos!" and other crap like that.