Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flip-floppers = Mentally Unstable People = Globo-Warmthink Kult

Hansen was pushing the Ice Age by aerial dust just a few decades ago.

The biggest challenge faced by modern people is that they are all incredibly stupid and completely incompetent to handle any of the challenges facing them. Our civilization is going to go through a spectacular wipeout and collapse and there's nothing anybody can do about it. There are not enough smart people left to keep the lights on much longer.

It's all theatrical floor show. There are no real engineers left. No real patriots. No really bright people left in positions of authority. All the good men left are tending their own private gardens and building vaults. It's just sociopaths and psychopaths fighting over the dying limelight ... who gets to play the role of the bossman and give the orders to the damned and dying? This is really important to them to fight over the scraps and remnants of power that are left.

The West is doomed beyond the capacity of the people who live in it to comprehend, just like the last confused citizens of the Roman "Empire," which really wasn't anything but a bunch of opium addicts and orgy freaks when it was finally overrun and burned for the first time. We've lost the thread with the past and we got nothing left but uneducated eight year olds remaining who have no idea of what they are doing so they fake it. It's not a very good fake, either.

Some days I say most of the newspapers would cause our ancestors to blush with embarrassment and shock. Could these creatures have possibly come from their loins? They would want to deny parentage to this generation.

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