Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Final Phase of Economic Warfare

Shortly before her death, the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya asked whether the rise of Putin’s Russia was mere happenstance. In answer to this question she took a bullet in the back of the head. The silencing of those who ask the right questions is part of the old communist pattern. According to Mark Riebling, KGB defector Golitsyn’s 1984 book contains 148 falsifiable predictions. Of these predictions, 139 were “fulfilled by the end of 1993 – an accuracy rate of nearly 94 percent.” Today, Golitsyn’s accuracy rate is higher. Having predicted Russia’s use of oil as a weapon, having predicted a future alliance between Russia and China, it might be said that 141 out 148 of Golitsyn’s predictions have come to pass.

John Birch was right about nearly everything and Anatoly Golitsyn testified as much when he defected.

America, listen to the hoofbeats. At long last, they are finally coming for the Camp of the Saints.

The Mexican Marxist invasion/insurrection. The NAFTA Superhighway Corridor. Collapse of the dollar. Corruption of the once most virtuous nation into a country of pornographers and sodomites. How many of you know this was all predicted over fifty years ago when the Communist Menace was recognized for what it was ... an internal, not an external threat? None dare call it treason because if treason succeeds, it is no longer treason, good sir. Think about this the next time you're watching a television special called "Hollywood Celebrates The Black List" or similar mass media historical revision. If treason succeeds, it ain't treason no more.

Some days I feel like Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil film, constantly trying to recover memories that others have tried to wipe out. Everybody has forgotten. They have glazed over eyes. They have a thousand mile stare. There never was a 1950's. America was never a free country. The Bill of Rights is obsolete.
I want to scream out as loud as I can at the top of my lungs ...

My name is Texas Arcane and I remember everything.


Anonymous said...

Itz coming.

Iran will be battlefiend that weakens america enough for the commies to deliver the deathblow.


CadorBolin said...

I have so much contempt for Amerikwa (porno capital of the world) that if a war erupts with Russia, I will commit acts of sedition to help the enemy.

The bolshevik press is complaining about Putin's nationalism, that alone should be enough indication as to who the real good guys are.