Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Females Are Civilization-Wrecking Demolition Machines

What happens to a society when everybody is pulling on one side of the rope towards chaos and nobody is pulling towards order anymore? Men have abdicated, the electricity is hanging in there by a thread. There's nobody left to fix it the next time it goes down. The ladies think there is still something there for them to attack and act in opposition to. There isn't. It's all gone, girls. Nothing left. You're stirring the smoking ruins of a house incinerated by fire. Nothing left to be angry about. You got it all, it's dead. Isn't that what you wanted all along?

Ours is a civilization run according to female sensibilities. It looks and smells like it, too. Unfortunately it appears to be a universe that is run according to male sensibilities. It will soon look and smell that way, also. It's like trying to teach fish to peddle bicycles. We predict at Vault-Co that your glorious multihued anti-male utopian paradise will not materialize, ladies. You have burned all your bridges behind you along with all the virtues of males. It's like those magic tricks where they pull the table out from under the pretty lady and she floats in midair. The notion of equality itself was established and protected by the very people you claim are the universal villains of this play. I can't wait to see this miracle in action where you just roll on without'em.


Anonymous said...

It is going to be exceedingly interesting to see those who bought the societal propaganda hook line and sinker begin to realize what a terrible terrible mistake they have made.

In particular, all those 'single' women who put their 'careers' and their shopping needs ahead of having a committed relationship leading to a family with kids.

In the 1930's you could always go back to the farm and at least your family would take you in and you wouldn't starve.

Not this time. No job, no family, no house, no money and no youth. It's the single girls dream come true.

And then the wars are going to come.


its the end of the world as we know it said...

Actually, I think that should say feminists are civilization wrecking demolition machines. There are some of us females left that truly believe children are a blessing from God and the greatest gift they can give to society is to be a good wife and mother. To help thier husbands and to train up their children in the way they should go. That in Rom 1:26 when Paul is talking about women giving up their natural use, he was talking about women giving up motherhood for some un natural desire to be like men. If women are going to give up being mothers then what use do men have for us? We are emotional, irrational (many times) and just plain hard to get along with, and we always want to talk about stuff...guys just aren't wired that way. And I believe that is why God put them in charge.

CadorBolin said...

I heard on the radio that women who play ice hockey sustain 10 times as many injuries as men, even though they play against each other.

The masculine world will come back with a vengeance once the real resource wars begin. The traitors and socialists in charge will make a plea for men to fight to keep the status quo--kind of like when Stalin quietly abandoned the concept of the 'new Soviet man' in order to get the soldiers to fight for a 'patriotic' war against Germany.

I hate this country as it stands right now. Why should I fight to uphold a society that has attempted to indoctrinate me with self-hatred for masculine and European culture?

F*** 'EM.