Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fact : A Desire To Obey A Strong Male Tyrant Is Evidence Of Repressed Homosexuality

I've always believed this is why the Nazis had so many gay men closeted in their regime.

Worshipping a man, who has to take his pants down to crap, is just plain ridiculous. The desire to submit to the complete authority of another is identical to sexual bondage/domination psychology. Secular humanists seem to be drawn to it the moment they renounce God. I can't imagine a creature more flawed than mankind. Every born leader worth his own commission knows this instinctively but the modern nation state always seems to bolster the other kind. Without humility and a realistic comprehension of his own flaws, no leader is ever effective. Just being a psychopath doesn't qualify you as a leader.

You can believe in principles or divine edict - both of them are healthy forms of self discipline. Men who want to march around and follow the leader are just plain gay.


Anonymous said...

Gay leaders of gay followers.

I love it :)

It's so simple, it has to be true.

Never understood the need for leaders of any kind.

Assistance, help, teachers, sure ... but 'leaders' - why ?

Are you a toddler who needs someone to tell you when and how to wipe your ass ?

Grown ups don't need leaders - children however, do.


Anonymous said...

Strong Male Tyrant. Now, that reminds me of the arid, middle-eastern region's Angry Sky God (Yahweh - Allah.)

Oh, but slavishly following that strong daddy bear is only a "healthy forms of self discipline." Riiiiight.

"Every knee shall bow." Men as the "bride of Christ." Sounds like something out of a BDSM novel.

Discipline indeed.

Anonymous said...

It's worse. Much worse. In 2008, men will be obeying a strong female tyrant by the name of Hilary Clinton.

I wonder then, what word or term can be used to define such men?

Anonymous said...

Men who want to march around and follow God are just plain gay.