Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Everybody knows it's coming except Amerikwans

Itz coming, alright.

I think Titor is going to turn out to be spot on.

Don't count on prep time through 2015, though. I have a distinctive sense we may have already veered widely on this timeline. Things appear to be accelerating much faster than in Titor's description.

I plan to finally reach the mythical, archetypal stage three of my preparations at the end of this year. I imagined the three stages more than ten years ago in 1997 when I put the first Vault-Co site up on the web.

Stage one was supply silos and first general fallout shelter available for short stay of a month.

Stage two was blast shelter in place for stays up to a year.

Stage three was blast shelter and permaculture in place for stays measured in decades under the cobalt death shroud, if necessary. I am nearly to stage three and plan the end of this year to finally post this watermark.

... and they tell you people with Asperger's Autism can't stick to a plan! I've been working on virtually the same goals since 1997 with unwavering devotion. If a village idiot like me could get this far, imagine how far you could get if you applied yourself. There is still time yet.


CadorBolin said...

Amerikwa.. Amerikwa... I shed barely a tear for thee.

When all is said and done, archaeologists of the future will unearth one of Youtube's hard drives and find this little gem:

That pretty much sums up the modern state of the 'kwa.

Chris said...

But the Titor timeline doesn't mention terminators. Suspicious, right? Makes you wonder if he's one of them.

I've been a skeptic since 2003, but I give his timeline alot of credibility now.

Congratulations on achieving so much. This winter I'll be starting my own 'Stage 1', but not before reading alot more literature on the subject. This topic is not part of my profession, and from what you've written it's not part of yours either, so you had to have had a few starting points. With your amount of experience now, any recommended reading for newbies?

Anonymous said...

Tex, you inspire.

I believe this site is a shining beacon for the converted. Many only thinking a lot about building a vault have possibly made their minds up after coming to this page. Also they have likely thought if you could do it alone with no real formal training then it can be done by somebody with enough grit.

#Keep it up!#Never a dull moment!#