Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dry Runs For Russian Bombers

The crazier it all gets, the less you hear about it in the media and what you do hear is a bland set of platitudes and beautiful sentiments, the kind you expect from people other than leaders.

Amerikwa has to pretend it's no big deal because it has few options open to it otherwise. It's already got a military stretched so thin it's almost nonexistent. No civil defense program, the War Room being run out of a former dance hall at Patterson Air Force Base, the dollar tumbling towards birdcage liner parity by the hour. Like a man who has gambled away his life savings and paychecks for three months in a row but continues to claim "everything will be okay," you have to wonder if the Yanks are not starting to retreat into a fetal shell with their thumbs in their mouths in some dark corner.


Anonymous said...

Here's another thing that's no big deal at all:

Those crazy Chinese! What a bunch of jokesters! Good thing we're living in a new era and all, otherwise this sort of thing would really scare me.

Anonymous said...

I', sure this was just a coincidence as well!

U.S. Bomber Mistakenly Flies With Nuclear Weapons

By Greg Webb
Global Security Newswire

WASHINGTON — A U.S. Air Force strategic bomber flew with at least five nuclear-armed cruise missiles last week, apparently violating nuclear weapons handling policies that stretch back nearly 40 years (

CadorBolin said...

Ron Paul kicks ass at the Republican debate:

I really like Dr. Paul's writings, and although I liked his performance in previous debates, I thought that he seemed to hold back. I attributed this to his age, but this recent video I found riveting. He was in a hostile environment with the moderators and other candidates snickering, but he hit every curve ball right out of the park.

"I take my marching orders from the Constitution!"

This man is too good for Amerikwa.