Monday, September 24, 2007

Bill Maher Astonished That Others Don't Want To Fight His Conflicts For Him

Good luck with all that, Bill. Now get out.

Israel is more than capable of taking care of itself. Start sh*t, you have to finish it. Don't start it and expect somebody else to finish it for you. Better use those brains for figuring out a way to make peace, because your chickens are coming to roost.

Check out the way Bill repeats the statement back, incredulous that any mere gentile should dare to speak freely and honestly in the way that europeans have been famous for doing for millennia. It's our way. We speak the truth. Of course, we're children of God. We're supposed to tell the truth.

You can see that delusional glass house that Maher lives in start to crack around him while he is sputtering at the man's comments.

Good luck with all that, Israel. Hope for the best for you, but it's time you started to fight your own battles and stop acting like caricatures of Jews from Der Sturmer. Look to the martyr Rabin if you want to know what a man looks like and quit slinking. Put your shoulders back and conduct yourself honorably in all things. Lying is effeminate. Men don't like it and they instinctively know it's a sign of weakness ultimately.

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