Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Something is getting ready to happen.

Check out the yellow marquee at the top of Debka file, a Mossad asset.

Something is going to happen.

El Al (Israeli airline) cancels all flights outbound from New York City

Something is going to happen.

U.S. Air Command Will Have Complete Shutdown on Sept. 14 (ala 9-11-2001)

Something is going to happen.

Somebody blew up the Mexican pipeline to drive the cost of oil through the roof

Adam Pearlman conceded to be putting words in "Bin Laden's" mouth.

Economy going into freefall, just like month before 9-11-2001

Something is going to happen.

Iran is moving right now to ditch the U.S. dollar, just like Iraq in September, 2001

Something is going to happen.

Something that will justify an unrestrained, all-out nuclear bombing campaign against Iran immediately thereafter.




Anonymous said...

Looked at the Israeli airlines site and all flights are canceled for those days, not just to/from New York.

I don't think anything is going to happen. In the past, these false flag operations (or whatever they were) came without any warnings left for the public to find.

If something actually does happen after all of these "clues" have been left about, it'll mean that the Israeli/US governments have, in a sense, admitted that people are complete morons - and that they no longer care about who finds what, because there is a plan in motion and noone can stop it.

I'm very skeptical when it comes to conspiracy theories and the like, but the second world governments get THIS sloppy and their false flag ops become this transparent, you'll know that WWIII is right around the corner. Should a terrorist attack occur in the next couple of weeks (before Sept. 21, the day all of those put options expire) I'll max my credit card and be 100% certain that WWIII is coming within the next few months.

Of course, it's possible that governments have always been sloppy and that people have become better at spotting the signs. Either way, the end result is the same.

andyboots37 said...

Ominous post. The Ray Bradbury kicker is somewhat antiquated though. I'll be watching for the accuracy of your hypothesis. Seems to be like too much of a telegraph by the Neocons. Then again, what do they have to lose?

If it's still business as usual on the 18th, someone's going to have egg on their Aussie face.

Kudoz, it still takes ballz!!

Anonymous said...

Rosh HaShanahm and Yom Kippur, the two most important Jewish Holidays are coming up on the 13th and 22th.

That's why a lot of Jewish businesses are slowing down, shutting down, or going on limited service.

Nothing to do with world politics or pending warfare - Jews are just taking some time to be with G-d

Take care, Al

andyboots37 said...

Your know things are heating up when anonymous is threating to max out his $1000 limit on his Visa.

I heard an interesting theory about the rapture possibly occuring on the 13th or 14th because of the trumpet blowing of Rosh Hoshannah.

Wouldn't it be cool!!!!
Umm.....for those in Christ I mean.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else amused by how homoerotic all of this rapture crap is? I can't speak for God, but something tells me that a bunch of grown men who sit around and pine for a white knight to descend from the heavens and cradle them in his arms aren't the sorts God is too concerned about saving.

I think there's a strong correlation between the feminization of Western men and the popularity of this rapture garbage.

Anonymous said...

There is something definitely gay about the Krapture! It's like a way for sissy men to absolve themselves of their natural responsibilities to look out for their wives and children. "Sorry, hon, jeebus gotcha covered. I'm spending my money on a Playstation." They basically surrender their nations, cultures and civilizations 'cuz they think Zionists will be bringing it right around the corner!


None effeminate or abusers of themselves will ever see God. God hates fags and fag enablers, too.