Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Australian Attempts Rational Thought, With Partial Success!

Don't say we don't report the good news when we find it!

This Australian tried to form a coherent idea, followed it through to it's logical conclusion and came up with a rational deduction - which is the reason our monkey brains are that big to begin with!

Ice Age II = Refugee Madness. It's a fact. The Australian government should be arming this country to the teeth, every able bodied man, woman and child taught how to load, aim and fire guns of all calibers. They should be dropping Uzi's into cribs for kids to play with in order to raise a population with a martial ethic and defensive outlook from the very youngest years.

They're going to need'em. It's a natural self-evident corollary of human history - any nation that cannot hold it's territory by force of arms will have it taken away from them. For that you need boots on the ground, babies and plenty of 'em, raised to fight and kill when they need to do so for their own land. Anything else your country has a date at the boneyard, fact. Read about societies with pacifist ethics - they never have more than a page dedicated to them because their histories are short indeed.

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Anonymous said...

But the following quote from the essay,

"Water and food shortages could send waves of migrants across oceans and borders in the Asia-Pacific region, causing social disruption and unrest, said Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty."

implies global warming (i.e., water and food shortages due to drought).