Thursday, August 9, 2007

What causes the collapse of complex societies?

They stop innovating. It's that simple.

Whatever causes them to stop innovating, when they stop innovating they stop solving problems their ancestors easily surmounted and these problems begin to pile up.

Maybe they stop innovating because their institutions are seized by sociopaths. Maybe their entire culture develops into a worship of the lower class, ghetto vernacular and conduct. Their values are turned upside down for some reason. Maybe they just plain go nuts. In the modern West, all these things have happened and many more.

Ours is not a society that can solve it's problems anymore. Nothing else is important if that is the case. There is no remedy for this ill.


Anonymous said...

What's left for modern societies to 'innovate' except 'bigger,better,faster,more'?We're on the event horizon of a stupendous black hole of existence when it seems all we have to strive for is the latest model. Going to work,grind,grind,grind 'to keep our heads above water',the wolves from the door who'd have our wide screen tv's and new cars away in the blink of an eye if we dare falter. God it's all so empty. There's literally billions of us who desperately want out of this hell hole scenario but who frankly haven't got a ****ing clue where the door is. Pity us. Look around,feel the futility. Don't know what it is but 'something' is brewing,something dreadful is festering away like an undiagnosed,fatal illness. Do I sound like someone teetering on the edge of clinical depression? Maybe,and with good reason but I see the same emptiness all around. Don't know if all these people recognise it in themselves.
If we aren't the architects of our own demise,Mother Nature is about to bring our collective consciousness into sharp focus and reintroduce us to innovation. How does it go, 'necessity is the mother of invention'? Hell,I for one can barely wait.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry you won't have long - the financial system is beginning to collapse as we speak.

This hits a nerve with me. I've spent my whole life dreaming of being able to do interesting challenging projects - but the system from schooling to work to everyday life is DESIGNED to make sure no one innovates any more. They had an article today in the news about some miners who died - LICENSED miners.

What the FUCK ?!?

You need to be LICENSED to ride down an elevator into the ground and dig dirt ? It's all INSANE. You can't DO anything without 18,000 licenses permits approvals and then God forbid if you actually succeeded at making something to sell at a profit, you pay 50+ percent taxes for your efforts.

No thanks.

I long ago learned that the best way is to sell my time as a contractor - work when I want for who I want and pay almost no taxes to this screwed up system.

There is no innovation because people with 3 sigma IQ's (like most of my family) long ago used those IQ's to figure out that you are only punished for doing good.

Fuck that.