Friday, August 10, 2007

Was John Titor Right?

One serious physicist after another is concluding that time travel is a very real possibility.

Note that mass-media manufactured pretend genius "Stephen Hawkings" (like in comic books, he must be a genius because he's in a wheelchair, you see) is mostly distinguished by the fact that he has been uniformly 100% wrong all of the time without exception about most everything. If you want a more credible voice in physics, go down to the park, wake up the first bum you see sleeping under a newspaper and ask him his opinion on time travel.

Hawkings was nearly broke, out of work and penniless when the huckster train was assembled to promote his master charlatan book "MASTURBATING IN SPACE-TIME" or something to that effect and they targeted the same demographic that read HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. The basic premise was, here look at me, I'm a spaz in a wheelchair, I must be a sooper-jeenius.

Yes, they're all jeeniuses alright, Einstein (DePretto Ripoff) and Gould (Rehashed Lysenkoism) and Sagan (I can't actually do math but I do have thick glasses) and yet ... notice how aside from enriching their own bank balances, no practical advances or scientific discoveries ever seem to materialize out of these endless tomes of Talmudic sophistry going in circles nowhere? As soon as they flatline, their books are instantly thrown out with the garbage because once the carnival atmosphere dies with the carny barker, nobody wants the colorful flyers any more. Their notion of "science, " is Anthony Robbins firewalking seminars with them as the star attraction.

Total contribution of all of these hucksters to real scientific advancement? Zero. Nada. Nothing. Hawkings cannot be taken seriously as a human being, he's a rolling caricature of his own nonsensical gibberish.


Kyrottimus said...

Time trave is NOT possible.

Molecules, Atoms and Particles can only exist in one form taking up one particular point in space at a specific point in time.

Once energy (in the form of normal atomic function of electron orbit and isotopic decay) from those molecules is given off it cannot be reversed, only converted from energy to heat and likewise the other way.

While it is possible to LOOK into the past (since the speed of light is finite), molecular existence is absolute in singular presence.

Time is an arbitrary notion anyway, something mankind has made up to better feel in "control" of our mortal, feeble existences.

This is coming from my experience from limited Molecular Physics in College, however it is only my opinion based upon my interpretation on the Laws of Physics.

Anonymous said...

"Time is an arbitrary notion anyway, something mankind has made up to better feel in "control" of our mortal, feeble existences."


Also, time-travel would make the Universe too complicated. When it comes down to the basics, nature likes to keep it simple.

Titor was a fake. However, his view of the future is quite interesting and seriously plausible.

vaporland said...

of course, you're apparently from Texas, consider the source....