Friday, August 31, 2007

Was John Titor Right? (2)

John Titor said we would have a female President in 2008.

He also said that next year, almost everybody, no matter how slow witted, would realize that the world they thought they were living in no longer existed.

If Hillary is elected in 2008, despite the fact she just doesn't last any serious polling, it will be the work of Diebold voting machines and the media running offense on her flank explaining her victory away to the incredulous American people.

Forget Ron Paul. He's only got 90% support, which is not enough for anybody to get elected President in America today. If you're not a zionist ass klown your chances of getting employed anywhere are close to zero.


Anonymous said...

Vault, if Hill gets elected I might actually start to belive in Titor :)

But it wont happen. No way in hell they would vote for a women, or a black guy named hussein. Even if the election was fair, the repubs would win again.

The neo-cons will retain power, either by corruption or by the stupidity of the people.


Texas Arcane said...

If Hillary wins, I'm going to take Titor seriously.

Anonymous said...

I think she wins pretty much by default. There isn't a single Repug candidate that stands out - other than RP of course, and even tho I love RP and have RP stickers all over my truck - he doesn't have a chance in hell - mainly because I think God has already set up the US for SEVERE punishment and for people to accept a true leader like RP would screw that plan up :)

If Hillary hooked up with Obama - or even made Bill her VP - she will win because there is a tremendous backlash against another Nazi like Bush in office. All the scumbag lying homo congressmen popping up every other week isn't going to help things either.

Funny thing is - I am pretty much an agnostic - but when Bush decided to invade the sovereign nation of Iraq and 80+ percent of Americans (98+ percent of male republicans) polled came out and said what a great idea that was - I knew the nation of America was FINISHED.

The older I get the more I feel the hand of God/Universe in most everything. I often wondered why it has taken so long for nation and these people to be punished, but I think God has a very crafty sense of humor - he's going to let this nation destroy itself, piece by piece by piece, using its own laws, its own 'leaders' its own mores against it.

This nation is being by EXACTLY the type of people it deserves - the Clintons, the Bushes, the Gonzales, the Roves, the Craigs, etc.

Your other post/link has it pegged - within a year EVERYONE in the USA will come to understand that punishment is at hand. I can't think of a nation in human history that deserves it more.


Texas Arcane said...

Ditto - I think God has an amazingly subtle and wry sense of humor, literally waiting until people have hoisted themselves on their own petard before bringing the smack down. God is not a slow prude in a white robe with a beard. He's about one trillion times smarter than you and you will never, ever crack wise with him. He cracks wise with you. The more you try to come up with clever one liners around God with various sorts of blasphemy, the more crushing the comeback zinger you get in reply.

The only wise course of action is fear and humility before God and repentance before Christ. Nobody is ever a smart aleck with God, he's the original smart aleck who embarrasses you with what you don't know ... and don't even know about what you don't know.

America is a Kramer-style hipster doofus. I expect they will get the wind let out of them very soon.

Anonymous said...

Always Christ this, Christ that.

Why should I believe in the alleged son of an assyrian slave god?

I love your site Vault-co but what is your goal? Suvival or converting the heathen masses?


Anonymous said...

I don't think Vault gives a shit if you get religion or build a vault or any of it - I know I wouldn't if this were my site.

I'd say his goal is to get a giant compendium of 'I told you so' information - so when the lights go out for 99 percent of the readers here, will go 'Oh shit, that asshole was right all along ...' :)

Reminds of the Steve Martin routine I heard when I was in high school where he dies, and ends up at the Pearly Gates with St. Peter and the whole ball of wax - and he starts going on about 'You mean it was REAL ? Pearly Gates, fluffy clouds, harps, the whole thing was REAL ??? ... Oh shit ! I thought it was all bullshit !' etc. etc.


Texas Arcane said...

That's exactly the reason I run this blog. I expect to be considered a complete moron - now. It's later I want some documentation for.

Try going without eating a solid meal for three days - you'll start to wonder about the big picture, your place in it and all that "Oh Golly, St. Paul drew on the Hercules myths from his classical education" crapola will start to seem pretty thin and silly.

I don't believe, right or wrong, that you can much teach people what they don't already know. I blog to assuage my Cassandra complex, so later I can point to the hard copy.

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