Tuesday, August 14, 2007

TGKB : Typical Globowarmthink Kult Bulls**t

A simple review of the data by the same guy who debunked Al Gore's bogus "hockey stick" graph reveals that the "scientists" involved in the globo-kult are lazy, stupid bastards for whom "peer review" means nothing, since their peers are as sorry and shiftless as they are. It remained for this fellow to practice a bit of actual analysis to discover what was a glaring error.

How many papers do I need to get a grant in this academy of dolts? You need papers, I got plenty of peer reviewed papers right here. Just click that link as many times as you need to be convinced I am edjumificated and whatnot. Now I want tenure and a four year grant to study the effects of the carbon emitted from my anus under trial stresses from atmospheric pressure variations. Either that or else I have go out and get a real day job.

You want to improve Western civilization? Seriously, do you mean that? Then you'll want to start by burning all of the universities to the ground. They produce illiterate, inarticulate glazed-eyed marxist morons who are unfit for anything like actual work of any kind.

Tenure is a social welfare dolebludging scheme for intellectuals. Academics are just pretentious, comically inept bums, vagrants and moochers who hide out inside of colleges so they never have to grow up and go out in the world where it's scary and you can't always impress people by stringing together big words out of context and sneering.


Anonymous said...

Spot on,Tex. I mean how many countless(eh?!) 'scientists' and 'scholars' does it actually warrant to do little more than agree with each other? Fuck! They're all barking up the wrong tree anyway,but so long as they keep spouting the stuff that governments WANT to hear....

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