Friday, August 17, 2007

Tending Their Own Private Gardens

What do you have left when your geniuses withdraw from Western civilization?

You've got six Somalians sitting in a burned out car hulk in the desert making motor sounds with their lips and pretending to drive.

You ain't got nothing.

Western civilization was the brilliant synergy afforded by a large class of law abiding labor specialized whites combined with a smaller group of the greatest geniuses the world had ever known, all competing inside a Republic meritocracy working towards common homogenous cultural goals.

There's nothing left. It's all wrecked beyond repair by "democracy." All gone. Nothing but tumbleweeds and fake chutzpah left now.

We're just waiting quietly for the missile contrails to start coming in at this stage to close out the age we live in. The patient has already long ago flatlined.


andyboots37 said...

That's so true, this age is rapidly coming to an end. The millenial reign of Jesus is going to be ushered in. Aren't you totally excited? I sure am:)
A kingdom of love and peace forever!!!

Stay tuned 'cause itz comin'!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Britain,once the powerhouse of technical innovation. Now it's full to the rafters with foreigners,social security bums and drug addicts.
I despair. I go to work to do a highly technical and difficult job,spending hours to set up the machinery to produce high quality goods. Poor quality equals no customers,it ain't rocket science. But my bosses in their blind pursuit of the 'bottom line' employ these scavengers from abroad who only come to get the free housing,free this and that. The minimum wage they're paid here goes straight back to their homeland where in a few years time it'll be enough to buy a mansion. How are they contributing to our economy when they're helping themselves to all they can and the money they earn goes straight overseas?
My bosses in their stupidity can't see or understand the damage they are causing to their company despite my protestations. I waste more time rectifying their mistakes than I spend on my own job,spend half a day trying to convey the simplest instructions because our languages are totally alien. Spend more time trying to get them off their freeloading butts to get them to actually do some work in the first place which they then begrudgingly go and wreck. Ain't multiculturism wonderful? The message will only sink in when the UK is reduced to the status of those Somalians sitting in that burned out hulk...

andyboots37 said...

Hey Boys!

I was told that most people die of radiation poisoning, hunger, burns, etc, after a nuke is dropped.
I was told on this site to research it for myself. So I did.

Aton-bomb used in Hiroshima

-equal to 13 000 tons of TNT
-destroys an area of 3500 yards

Hydrogen bomb

-equal to 20 megatons (20 MILLION tons) of TNT.
-4x's the amount of ALL the bombs used in the 2nd world war. Think about that for a moment.

They exploded a 50 megaton bomb in the South Pacific decades ago and decided not to do it again because of the shock. They CAN (and probably have) made 100 megaton bombs. They are not that hard to make apparently.

The diameter increases the higher up you explode one of these bombs. If you exploded one in space; ONE BOMB could wipe out 6 states. One bomb. In the mid 80's the US and Russia collectively had over 50 000 nukes.

Every person within 6 miles of the epicentre of a 20 megaton bomb would be vaporized. (New England journal of medicine 1962). Glancing at the flash from 14 miles away would blind you permanently. Everything flammable within 3000 square miles would ignite. This would use up all the oxygen and you would be asphyxiated as well. Every city with a population of 25 000 people or more is targeted. Nuclear reactors are targeted and inside each reactor on your own soil is the equivalent of 1000 Hiroshima sized bombs. This would contaminate an area the size of West Germany and aggravate the fall-out problem. A 20 megaton bomb dropped on Boston in 1962 would've produced approximately 2.2 million corpses. As the bodies rot there would be massive outbreaks of diseases we already have cures for but won't be able to treat as there would be no medical facilies or personnel to do it.

Total devastation would take 30 minutes. Keep in mind all these stats are 30-50 years old. Weaponry and technology has increased exponentially since then.

With US forces perched on Russia's doorstep and Russian forces now cruising the artic 24-7, you'd probably have moments to take cover (y'know, hide under the bed or something). You'd be lucky to get the hatch closed on your vault.

"In the event of a nuclear war the living would envy the dead"

-Nikita Kruschev

Thank God He has given us His Son!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Britain, 21/08/2007. Here is the news. Over three hundred thousand skilled engineers,surgeons,teachers and members of other highly valued professions left these shores permanently last year. Presumably to escape the UK's crippling taxes,necessary to pay for the welfare of the burgeoning number of workshy and the influx of almost six hundred thousand non English speaking immigrants who arrived during the same period to bleed the rest of us mugs dry.
Meanwhile it is expected that taxes will have to rise further so that the UK can maintain its level of 'aid' to the very countries where these immigrants are coming from.It is anticipated that in the near future the proportion of non English speaking,the layabouts and scroungers will exceed the number of indigenous,law abiding tax payers.
On that final note I wish you a good night and remember,you've been warned.Itz coming.