Sunday, August 5, 2007

Survival Blog Added To Trusted Sites

This site, run by James Wesley Rawles (author of "Patriots"), is becoming such a good source of information I had to post it on the sidebar for trusted sites permanently. I was resisting it for a while for fear of association with the "camper van commando" school of survivalism but there is a lot of solid data posted there that can definitely be applied by nuclear shelterists and various species of Vault Dwelling hominids, for certain. Just keep in mind that this particular flavor of survivalism believes the worst that American have to worry about is mostly internal threats and economic collapse, a tiny piece of the puzzle we are always trying to assemble on Vault-Co. Most of these kinds of survivalists in the U.S. plan to survive World War III by touring the country in their well-stocked camper vans doing good deeds, kind of like a TEOTWAWKI made-for-TV movie from the 70's.

A lot of this thinking is delusional along the standard American lines, with the same structured avoidance of reality that is present in all of American life. Vault-Co urges you to prepare with a somewhat harsher scenario in mind than this one.

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