Friday, August 10, 2007

Russia Prepares For War Over Arctic Resources

Russia is already training for the war when the United States can't even organize a satellite to look at the region and see if it's worth fighting for.

The mindless obsession with the Middle East and matters of no concern to Amerikwa is leaving their flank completely unguarded back in the U.S. as China and Russia prepare to whack this entire nation out of existence with a blitzkreig that would shock and frighten the Nazis.

Keep fighting the terrible threat of those camel jockeys and goat herders, boys, use up all that expensive hardware in the desert sand swinging at shadows. There's somebody who will soon bring all the war you could ever want right to your doorstep and it ain't towelheads who drive cabs.

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andyboots37 said...

Looks very daunting indeed. As an urban Canadian I will try to get an email off before torrent of fire and brimstone to let you know the extent of the carnage before they go into the US. Our PM was on his way up there last time I heard. I'm sure he can reason with Putin and his minions of disenfranchised commies. Perhaps it's already beyond that. Impetuous Russkies. Jesus, here we come!!!