Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Russia Claims The North Pole Via Titanium Seabed Marker

Ha ha, the press says. Isn't this amusing. Sort of like an old 1950's sci-fi pulp novel about the tensions leading up to WW3. Nuclear submarines staking out the resources of the North Pole and all that. Ha ha. Ha ha. Amusing stuff, one has a chuckle over one's cappuccino. Ha ha.

According to a UN arbiter, everything Russia is doing is legitimate under the world's system for recognizing resource claims. They first demonstrate a geological connection with the resources in question, then they drop a marker, then the UN officially declares these resources to be Russian territory.

The only country asleep at the wheel here is America. While they're fighting otherwise harmless towelheads riding goats in the Middle East and carpet bombing civilians, Russia and China are quietly and coolly clinching the world's resources so as to have an exclusive monopoly on most of the planet's remaining oil.

When America wakes up from this dope dream they're in with blacks-on-blondes porno and reality television shows, they're going to panic and overreact in a nightmarish fashion. That's a Vault-Co prediction, you heard it here. When it hits them this ain't no dream, they're going to start pushing buttons and opening silos in a mad frenzy of wild fear. What happens after that will be history.

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Anonymous said...

The U.S. might be working on Turkmenistan.