Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ron Paul Will Never Set Foot In The White House

Rube, you are truly kidding yourself if you think you can put Ron Paul in the Presidency. It will never happen.

America has not had a say in government since John F. Kennedy got three bullets in the head for trying to introduce silver certificates and get access to inspect the Israeli nuclear program.

All you are going to accomplish by continuing to encourage this sap is getting a good man killed. Poor Ron Paul is too honest, too decent, too virtuous and far too good a man to even be standing up there with all the risk it entails. He should be tending his own private garden. The American people deserve the leaders they have, they are not a nation that deserves to have a man like Ron Paul. The fate of the pornography sodomite empire is sealed and Ron Paul is deluded to believe any one man can interfere. Ron reminds me of Lot wandering around inside of Sodom and Gomorrah, just trying to find ten good men in the city he can present to God as proof he should withhold his vengeance. He's wasting his time and risking his very worthy head as well.

America used to be made up of men like Ron Paul. None left now.


Tom Jefferson said...

Ron Paul’s campaign slogan is “Hope for America”. And I do have hope for America. Most anyone who hears Ron Paul’s message becomes greatly inspired and wants to take action to pass on his message to anyone who will listen.

I believe we can overcome in a similar way that Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and our Founding Fathers who faced tough odds and succeeded in bringing positive change to the world.

Like other great persons of history, Ron Paul is compelled to do what is right. He can be an example for future generations of Americans regardless of what happens.

Ron Paul is the classic Philosopher King as described in Plato’s Republic.

Ron Paul is the intelligent thoughtful Claudius after the insane evil Caligula and Tiberius.

Ron Paul is the principled Thomas Jefferson repealing and eliminating the abusive and unconstitutional Sedition Acts.

Ron Paul is the peaceful, patient, persistent Gandhi.

Ron Paul is the insightful Dwight D. Eisenhower who warned of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

Ron Paul is the man of integrity and courage that America needs at this time.

If each of us shares Ron Paul’s message with 10 people, and they tell 10 people and they tell 10 people, etc. And we tell our children and they tell their children...

We are making history – Vote Ron Paul!

Visit YouTube and search Ron Paul to learn more…

Join the Revolution -- Restore the Republic -- Save the Constitution!

Anonymous said...

When I told a friend of mine about Ron Paul he said: "Sounds good. When do you think he gets shot?".

I'm betting on a light-plane accident late october.


Texas Arcane said...

Tom Jefferson.

It's over. Last person out of the nation turn off the lights.

It is adolescent and indifferent to history to pretend beautiful sentiments can change the fate of the country now.

Rather put your faith in God than a country.

I used to be a patriot. Then I grew up. There's nothing left to love.

This current situation will end in violent struggle and no matter who wins, you still will never see the likes of the United States on this planet ever again until Christ returns. My prediction.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely correct about RP - and I am a big supporter - bumper stickers and all.

Quite frankly I sincerely hope he does not get too far because he is too nice a guy to see him get whacked.

What I bought those bumper stickers for is so that a few years from now, when things are really really bad, I point them out to the wretched masses and say : You had your chance, this was the guy and you fucked up. So sorry.

BTW - I know you've got your usual subjects, but you ought to pay very close attention to the credit markets in the USA. They are utterly and completely fucking toast. As of THIS WEEK 70 percent of the in-duh-viduals and companies that could have easily qualified for cheap credit 6 months ago - will NEVER qualify going forward.

The credit markets are locking up and it is happening way way faster than I ever imagined.

AHM - processor of 5 percent of all mortgages in the US - never had a quarter where they didn't make a profit was golden until last Friday when they scotched a dividend.

7 days later !!! they are closing their doors forever - effective tomorrow evening.

You cannot overestimate how bad this is going to get.


Anonymous said...

How do we restore the republic if many other posts in your web log state that it is futile to do so?