Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photo Pictorial of Swiss Civil Defense Shelter

Wow. Beautiful. These Swiss are not kidding.

Very inspiring to see the forethought put into every detail of the shelter. Truly incredible.


andyboots37 said...

I guess the real question is, "Who would want to live like that?" Wouldn't you be going ape*&%$ after two days of flesh-compressed dungeon life? Not to mention the little hitlers who would be running the joint. And hey!, when it's marginally safe to go outside you can enjoy the remaining months of "life" thrashing it out with extras from "Dawn of the Dead" on the surface of the moon!!!
Thank God I'm In Christ and will be spending eternity in mansions of glory too wonderful for words. Wanna Come? It's just a decision away!!!;)

Texas Arcane said...

Christianity is a militant religion that extolls masculine virtues and celebrates independence and preparedness as the virtues symptomatic of a righteous man.

It's not a religion for people who think Jesus is an umbrella on a rainy day. There are no assurances of the Bible we will not suffer in this world as a result of misfortune or our own folly, merely an assurance we will not suffer in the next if we are faithful to Christ. World War III isn't the second coming. Nobody knows when that day comes, it could be ten thousand years from now or in the next minute. That's no excuse not to prepare for the times you live in, to survive anything that this world throws at you and your kin.

A man who fails to provision for his children and family, better for him a millstone be put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea. As for any hardships that might be encountered in taking shelter and living in difficult times, these are things expected by God of a man that he will undertake as a man and keep God's commandments as well.

The Rapture is never mentioned in the Bible, nor is there any indication that if we strip down to our skivvies and dance through the tulips humming that God will prevent us from suffering any misery or pain as a result of our foolishness.

How well do you think it worked for people in Katrina to sit around expecting God to deliver them physically out of those conditions? Not too good. They were debased and degraded before dying by their own stupidity.

Better to always think ahead and prepare for the worst and pray to God not to tempt you beyond your means to resist.

andyboots37 said...

Whoooaa big fella!!! Looks like I hit a nerve.

I like your definition of Christianity, is that the one from Websters? A state of living based on Biblical scripture after one has received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior works for me.

I like the analogy of Jesus as an umbrella on a rainy day. I think a Savior is precisely that and so much more.

Actually the Christian faith GUARANTEES there will be suffering. However Jesus says to be of good cheer for He has overcome the world. John 16:33.

The word "Trinity" is never mentioned in the Bible either. Does that means there isn't one? The tribulation is a time of judgement from God on a Christ-rejecting world. God's children will be at the marriage supper of the Lamb for a 7-year wedding reception. Jesus took the wrath of God for those who believe. There are countless passages to support this.

As for any pre-trib terror attacks of a nuclear nature? Thank God the consumption of shock-wave is instantaneous and most-likely painless.

Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die:)))

Praise Jesus!!!

Texas Arcane said...

I predict an unpleasant surprise in the near future. You will discover it's raining and you forgot to bring an umbrella.

Anonymous said...

andyboots nobody dies of blast in a nuclear war. They die from radiation, hunger and disease afterwards. you should learn a bit about this.

andyboots37 said...

I'm sure the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who became carbon shadows etched in stone within a fraction of a second would substantiate that totally absurd statement. I oould see how you could've overlooked it though, there were only about 150-200 thousand of them. Now they have nukes even more sophisticated than the ones 60 years ago.

Texas Arcane said...

There were an estimated 70,000 people killed at Hiroshima, Andyboots, most of them in the firestorm kicked up in what amounted to the world's largest pile of dry paper.

Large numbers of people survived blast effects close into ground zero and several people survived literally right beneath the blast in shelters that didn't even have doors. In any event, the majority of the dead following a nuclear war will be those killed by subsequent radiation, disease and starvation in a hideous post-apocalyptic environment.

Fantasizing about a flash of light that kills you instantly is a very unlikely scenario indeed unless you live right under a target zone. It's simply a bit of propaganda the peasants share in a bit of a misunderstanding of what a nuclear war is. As a Christian, I wouldn't think you'd be so susceptible to the superstitions and crude beliefs that afflict the common people.

andyboots37 said...

Touche Tex! I like you man, you've got spunk. And you keep posting my comments even though they may come from a different place as that of your own. As a former journalism student I appreciate your objectivity. Iron sharpens iron as the Word says;)

The ballpark I gave of 150-200k was Hiroshima AND Nagasaki.

I know there is a lingering, tormenting aftermath of nukes. There is also instantaneous devastation too as you said. The Neutron bomb devours your flesh off your bones before you hit the ground.

Anticipating it seems to be the common denominator. Subsequent relation to it is where the contention seems to be.

Is there going to be a WW3? No question, it's inevitable. Most importantly, scripture validates this.

I guess I'm just putting my whole stack of chips on Jesus and leaving it at that. I don't have the time or the resources to create my own vault. Seems like a dubious luxury of the elite.

You might want to take a good stash of Paxell and Prozac. It's going to be a real bummer in termiteland.

Tell the truth though, deep down don't you think it's going to be like totally coooooool livin' down there?

I'll be waaaaaay up there with the Captain when the angel says, "Come up hither!"

I'll come and find you guys after the 7-year bash!!! (Actually if you believe, you'll be there too. Eschatalogical discernment isn't a qualification, only a blessing of reassurance).

For my sake I hope you're wrong. For your sake I hope I'm right.

Love you man!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice setup. It is great to see you explain the changes to your systems and your exp in areas that need change. You are the only person I have seen address these issues in your project. You can now say you have a working Vault. I look forward to reading more on your improvements on the Fallout Shelter. What kind of power systems are you going to use. Solar and Gas powered? Are you going to store extra solar pannels in case of EMP damage? Do you have swiss Air filtration ? How many batteries are you going to store on your power system ? Water storage tanks how big? do you have backup systems?