Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pack it, becuz itz coming

Russia Steps Up Military Expansion

RAF Jets Scramble To Intercept Russian Bombers In Cold War Redux Nightmare

Russia flush in new geologic deposits of resources as West scrambles to keep dollar stable

Russia Warns Czech Republic : Cooporate With U.S. and You're Going To All Die


CadorBolin said...

Interesting article (not related to your blog post, but I thought you'd find it interesting anyhow):

It doesn't surprise me that the police put fake protesters into these large crowds to incite a riot so that they can have an excuse to break up a protest.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that someone who spells "cooperate" as "cooporate" should also mock his colleagues in the IT industry for failing to properly spell "accommodation" (as noted in an earlier post.

If you're intellectually superior to the rest of us you've got to be able to prove it at all times.