Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oy, your money, cursed, I tell you!

The gypsy money curse would have to be the oldest recorded criminal scam in history - there are stories of gypsies running this scam on ancient Egyptians.

They put out a fortuneteller sign. Everybody gets their fortune told for a few measly dollars. It's not about fortunetelling. It's about keeping your net out to capture the right person. A lonely widow, gullible old man. You see, your money is cursed. It's bringing you pain, misery and bad luck. Until you get rid of it, it will haunt you. I can get rid of this curse for you.

Sometimes they ask for their life savings, switch it with fake money and pretend to throw it into a fire to burn it up. Other times they recommend somebody it should be given to. Same old curse.

Al Gore is running a 3,000 year old scam and he's identified the perfect suckers ... the soft, goofy, gullible television-fried rubes who inhabit the decaying remains of Western civilization. Do as I say, not as I do, rubes.


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Anonymous said...

Modest estimates say that Global Warming Research receives between one thousand and ten thousand times in funding (in U.S. dollars) that actual climate research does. Who has the motive? The fuzzy ambiguous "fossil fuel" companies (they are the new Monopoly tophat villains of this new Marxism) or the unbelievable gravy train of grants for those who toe the party line.

"Denial." "Consensus." I don't think you know much about real science, dude.