Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Out of Africa" Is A Lie (It Always Was)

Seven years ago I figured out this piece of "common sense," which I had drilled into me since I was old enough to walk by all media around the clock, was in fact absolute baloney.

The truth is, nothing of merit has ever come out of Africa in the history of the planet. Nothing.

Modern man, (Homo Sapiens) arose from the conditions surrounding the Toba volcano super eruption some 74,000 years ago and the resulting bottleneck on the human population. The forcible migration into the Caucasus was by cold adapted Asian people (the ancestors of Eskimos) who then underwent further environment specific evolutionary change. We have a great deal in common with Japanese and Chinese people genetically despite many apparent differences. Africans are modestly described in the anthropology literature as "least specialized" which is a courteous way of saying they have fewer genes in common with the rest of mankind than any other race and show no sign at all of having been placed under environmental stress of the sort required to hone their genetics in response to broad selection in adverse conditions.

The evidence just isn't there but what is most shocking is that there was never really any evidence to support this hypothesis. I mean, none at all. It was just trendy to say during the turbulent 1960's if you were a Marxist academic who wanted to score more points off the fish in the barrel called Western civilization. Of evidence, there was simply none at all. They found some human fossils in Africa, ergo, we must all have come from Africa.

It's noteworthy that well into the 1950's many anthropologists had conjectured that modern mankind had begun to develop in India or Asia. So it has taken a half a century to get back to scratch where we were in 1949. That's your "progress" for you.


Anonymous said...

where did you go to school and who brought you up anyway? did you have family and people that talked to you harshly as a little baby. your writing expresses a complex in you. a kind of inward disatisfaction in yourself. one needs to read your stupid line that nothing of importance ever came from africa and at once one realises how foolish and ignorant you are. africa is that place where strong slaves were gotten from to help weak whites build their civilisations and cultivate their cotton and sugarcane and even have better sex with than those white women. africa, the home of the most serene landscapes and wildlife. the home of nelson mandela. the home of wangari maathai. the home of resources that China is harvesting to drive its annual 10 per cent growth. africa, that place where e.g. in Kenya 40 per cent of all flowers on the world market are produced. africa, the home to colonial masters that benefited a lot from that continent. africa, that magical continent with all its problems and successes...and you ignorant fellow pretend you know africa that much to even dare analyse it. why dont you spend some time finding out why african blood diamonds are the most beautiful, why Kenyan tea and coffee are exported the world over, why the world stops and celebrates Mandela's birthday, why kofi annan amongst other statesmen and intellectuals like Soyinka are from Africa...take a walk my friend, and if you cant buy books about africa, then please use google and read news and other blogs and you will come across a nomenclature of intelligible reasons about why africa is, was, and will always be that place where we all come from.....think about the thousands of languages and ethnic communities in africa....its like magic...thats Africa. your image of africa was raped by your teachers or you have been screwing that image so had now, you are having a dysfunctional orgasmic writing....please! use your time better

Texas Arcane said...

Africa is a dung heap and if it vanished off the planet tomorrow it would be the best thing that has happened to the entire solar system since stable orbits and sunshine.

"Weak whites" had already built their civilization over the previous 1400 years to an incredible degree long before Dutch Marrano Jews began importing and selling them cheap slave labor for the already burgeoning agriculture of the deep south, surely a Devil's bargain that has come back to haunt America a thousand times over. Better they had used indentured servants and the cotton gin than take so much as one of those accursed slaves for economic reasons.

Nelson Mandela was a convicted criminal terrorist who has confessed he was instrumental in planning the bombings of schoolbuses with white children onboard which resulted in the deaths of dozens of kindergartners. His imprisonment made sense, it is releasing him that was insane. Another great African humanitarian like Idi Amin, soaked in murderous blood from head to toe.

All the natural resources you speak of so proudly only acquired an economic value when the white man assigned it to them. The Africans had been walking on top of diamonds on the open ground for a million years without ever regarding them as anything but shiny stones.

Kofi Annan would have to be the most pathetic dumbass who has ever served at the UN and as you would expect from an African, has mostly used his office to siphon cash off and expense account and provide his relatives with fancy cars and clothes while his countrymen are starving to death back home and going without clean drinking water.

Africans are the world's vilest and most hateful, brutal, savage and cruel free range game animals and letting them wander around in manpants is one of the biggest mistakes that Europeans have ever made. In the time it has taken to write these paragraphs, several dozen people have been murdered in Freaka, 60 women have been raped, 7 infants cornholed to "cure aids," and several people broiled over open fires as impromptu lunch.

Remember that however much it sounds like I despise Africa, my own human emotions would pale beside those of God, who must regard that entire nation as abomination before the Lord and a stain on all Creation.

Mind you, there's also a downside to Africa.

Anonymous said...

Can you say OWNED !!!



P.S. Pretty much EVERY SINGLE thing they told you in elementary school or in the Main Stream Media as being the God's Honest Truth is complete utter fucking bullshit - and this Out of Africa hypothesis is one I have been waiting for scientists to disprove for years.

Keep in mind, there is ample evidence that humans have been in North America for over 50,000 years !

Here : educate yourself -

So just HTF does the Africa hypothesis work if humans were 'supposedly' coming out of Africa at the same time period - what, they all hopped on Virgin Airlines ?

Anon : you're a fool, a sycophant, and you haven't used a single one of the brain cells God gave you since you were born to have a single ORIGINAL thought.

All you can do is parrot the same politically correct tripe that your equally ignorant trainers taught you to spout.

Monkey in Manpants. You couldn't fit the description any better if you tried.

dino steve said...

I dont think jesus would approve of your wrath. I pray you can let go of your insecurities and hate so that you may find peace and love. Go into the wilderness by yourself. totaly by yourself. Its an important right of passege that has been forgotten. The fear you feal will manifest. face it. you'll come face to face with yourself. upon meeting yourself You'll find the place god truely intended for you. It might not seem as grand as the plans you had for yourself but god dosen't need you to be grand. Its just the opinion of a man but I don't think God intends for anyone to be a biggot.