Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our only friend in the Middle East

I always laugh at the part where the mystery caller identified them as "Palestinians" because they were "dressed in sheikh things." Yes, that's how you spot those nasty Arabi types, they go everywhere dressed up as sheikhs mixing up junk. All Palestinian types dress in outlandish desert turbans and robes so nobody will mix them up with other terrorists, like say, PETA operatives or something.

Notice the anonymous call was actually intended to set something up that never happened. Police dogs detected real explosives inside the van. First the call would be planted, then they intended to blow that truck up somewhere, possibly in one of the tunnels that enters New York city. Quick thinking by rube suckers doing their jobs put a stop to that.

In any other nation, this all would have led to an outrageous scandal and a fast resolution of what would turn out to be one of the biggest false flag operations in world history. Fortunately, the mainstream media was running defense for them and kept the rubes in check.

Whenever you hear some idiot blathering about "how nobody could keep something like that a secret without being found out," well, what more would you want, dumbass? Could the entire operation have been stuffed up much worse? You still didn't get the facts either way and the media just told you the story you were supposed to hear no matter how ridiculous it was at that stage.

Don't buy newspapers or magazines and don't watch television news. Check out "Adam Pearlman!" This Jewish boy is moving up quickly through the organization due to his efforts! It's the American dream come true! He's now in the "top leadership" echelon at Al Qaida! Yes, if I'm looking for new hotblooded firebrands to head up my Islamic terrorist organization, I know the way to retain the best is to seek out Jewish kids whose parents are directors of the ADL. Oy vey, Al Qaida! We've got opportunity for everyone, we are the only terrorist organization in all of Wahabist Islam with a full diversity policy, including dental coverage and health plan! Please apply to your local Mosque today with a letter of reference from your Rabbi!

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Re: not reading newspapers or watching television, what do we do with almost all of the posts in your web log?