Friday, August 3, 2007

Modern "Medicine" Is A Human Slaughterhouse

I don't know this guy and I am not selling anything for him.

He gives away this page of information for free and I was surprised to see so many myths debunked in one place that I am in complete agreement with. I am not encouraging you to buy his book, although I intend to.

One reason that modern people just have no hope of surviving is that when faced with a choice between their own judgement and the group consensus, they will nearly always defer to the group. As it happens, the group today is a manufactured fake consensus created by ownership of almost all media by one ethnic group that incidentally is also overrepresented in medicine. One consistent theme amongst this ethnic group, enshrined in their religion as a basic principle for them to live by, is that they are never to do anything to cure or treat the maladies of other external ethnic groups - rather, that it is not a sin to deliberately poison or give out placebos to other ethnic groups as long as there is slim chance of them being caught.

So in it's entirety, the whole of modern medicine is basically a gigantic rat trap set out for gentiles laced with strychnine. It's working, too. Everything you drink, eat and consume is usually dosed with something to make you sick over the course of time. A good rule of thumb is that the more the common people laugh and pooh-pooh your fears, the greater the lethality of the toxins in question. Future generations will probably be dumbfounded at our widespread use of aspartame as a sweetener. They will no doubt be astounded to discover we thought sunlight causes cancer, baby food was better than mother's milk or that eggs were bad for you because somebody in the media told us this. The notion in the 1600's that rotting meat spontaneously gives rise to maggots will seem strictly scientific in comparison.

Fluoridated water causes your brain to take up more aluminium, which causes you to grow feebleminded long, long before it manifests finally as Alzenheimers. Take a look at the entire continent of America and ask yourself how much fluoride these people must be getting in their water to end up like that.

People this stupid can't see a third world war coming. They can't see anything coming. Chances are they have trouble visualizing the consequences of anything out beyond next week. So don't wait for a group consensus to tip you off that itz coming. Having turned out to be wrong about everything that matters, why would you expect them to get it right about any of the most important conclusions of them all? The group is doomed. Vault-Co is a blog for individuals. The group doesn't even have a prayer left and if they did they wouldn't be worth praying for.

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