Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I knew I should have trademarked "Itz coming" back in 1998. Actually, I stole it from Thomas Chittum, so maybe he should be suing me.

Wonderful benevolent rulers plot annexation of entire continent into one big happy New World Order under one currency. By any means necessary.

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Anonymous said...

Not a new country but something similar to the European Union.

As a 'subject' of the EU my advise is ; DONT FUCKING DO IT.

The open borders are literally killing us. Swarms of burglars, rapists, drugtraffickers and illegals pass through Europe without a single checkpoint. All for the sake of the economy. Cant have a truck with plastic crap wait 30 minutes at a border now can we?

Yesterday we had 8 people shot in Germany. They where italian mobsters that got shot by other italian mobster that used Germany as a base to deal cocaine. They got the cocaine from dutch and spanish ports.

Every weekend scores of eastern european criminals drive to western europe for the sole purpose of breaking in houses.

Union = free traffic between its members = flood of illegals and immigrants.