Saturday, August 11, 2007

Leftist Attempts To Think, With Mixed Results

People are incredibly, mindbogglingly stupid. Some of you might agree but chances are many of you would not really understand what is being said even if you did agree. Stupid as in animals on autopilot, beasts following scripted instincts, genetic automatons playing out their sad biological gear works behaviours without so much as a twinge of self-awareness.

If they realized how stupid they are, they'd never say anything at all. Writers and politicians alike are always afflicted with the same problem ... they're usually too dumb to realize they have nothing to say. Mother Nature limits human intelligence for a reason - she doesn't want them to know how ridiculous and insipid they are. If they ever realized who and what they are, they would not reproduce. Most of them would take their own lives immediately. Luckily for most of mankind, they're so dumb they're happy, like horses.

The real reason that people nowadays are so against things that are sane, like the right to bear arms, is that nature has commanded them that they should die. She's tapped them on the shoulder and told them to do themselves in. That sneer and arched eyebrow you see when you ask them a reasonable question ... say ... "Who do you expect will protect you if you do not protect yourself?" is their autopilot self-annihilation instinct warning them they must not tarry with any coherent or rational thought on their way to their own extinction party. Why are you interfering with them as they knot the noose around their own neck and prepare to kick away the chair? Asking people sane questions only causes them to ring their bell in annoyance like those mail carts that patrol corridors on a magnetic strip. They can move forward or they can stop. Asking them why they are moving in the direction they are headed in is a waste of time. You might as well inquire of a salmon why it is swimming upstream.


Anonymous said...

Only decades of rampant environmental estrogens and lowered sperm counts could be responsible for a nation of men who actually consider self-disarmament a wise and responsible means of maintaining a "civilized society". You wouldn't have heard men in this nation (other than government which always wants a defenseless population) speak of such nonsense a century or more ago. I guess our predecessors were uncivilized.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see them role play how they will disarm others.

"You have to give me your guns we all held a vote and decided you can't have them"

*Pulls gun out and holds it at the ready* "Come get it"

*Points gun* "This can end peacefully by you not trying to steal from me"