Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It Begins - Economic Conflicts Always Precede War

China threatens to dump the dollar and instantly turn the United States into a third world ghetto. You knew it was coming.

You know when we were talking about certain flashpoints of increasing severity causing the Amerikwans to awaken rather abruptly from that feverish dream they call consciousness and then overreact? Similar to what happened with 9-11, except much worse. This is one of those kinds of flashpoints we talked about. If China prods Amerikwa with this stick sufficiently to startle them, their feebleminded leaders may well react with an overt act of war in response.

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Anonymous said...

This was inevitible once the M3 was sacked.

America is an Economic Ghetto in the making. In 5 years, We'll be the next Zimbabwe, but only balkanized and fragmented beyond recognition.