Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Forcible Depopulation of Rural Areas in Britain

Isn't it reasonable to assume, after the third implication of government involvement in the release of a biological warfare agent on their own agricultural/rural industry, that this might in fact be deliberate?

If a guy shoots you in the head once and says, "Oops, sorry, that was an accident!" then shoots you two more times, in both cases waving off his act as an "accident," isn't it time to consider that maybe it's not an accident on his part?

The last remaining resistance, as always, is located in the countryside and rural populations in Britain. The urban population are slaves who live hand-to-mouth and paycheck-to-paycheck. Their only option is to do as they are told. There's no danger of a revolt ever coming from their ranks and even if there was, the British government successfully disarmed them all anyway so they'd be fighting with sticks and knives (both illegal to carry in public unless you can produce a work-related reason for a policeman.) The only possible independence and objections would come from the farmers and agrarians, who still maintain some kind of life separate from government and are permitted to think doubleplus ungood thoughts by way of simple distance - the media cannot see to it they always have a televitz device in front of their face when they work all day on a farm.

So like Lenin and Stalin, aren't the marxists who are merging Britain into the European Union just taking care of their only foreseeable opposition by hurling plagues into the air upwind of their farmers, again and again? You force people into the cities, they become your bitches. Freedom is just a word for people who live in a city. As Jefferson pointed out, they are the breeding grounds of all kinds of madness and delusion, including the delusion of slaves that they are free people. It is only in the countryside you can hope some shred of sanity will remain ... and the British government is waging a war on their agricultural classes to destroy them or reduce them to penury. I use the word "war" literally, because the government is using weapons developed in biowarfare labs to destroy their own people's livelihoods and any illusions they may have remaining of independence.

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