Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I laugh at the globo-warmers. That's because they are pathetic and comical god-haters. Those whom God would destroy, he first makes vain, self-important, ridiculous and laughable. Then he destroys them. Bad enough to die but to die a fool without ever learning anything is worse.

Ordinary people are always sneering and arching one of their eyebrows. It's such universal behaviour they no longer even realize they're doing it - they just subconsciously adopt televitz media people's expressions. "Heh - I can see you must not own a television!" They're so proud of the fact they recite exactly what the television tells them to think. "All the ejumificated peeple agree! It's on televitz, for crying out loud! Intellamajent peeple have formed a group which says it!"

Science has never, ever been about consensus. Scientists who were right have always been in the minority.

How do I know so much about the way these contemptible a**holes think? I used to be one of them! I was a massive secular humanist doofus for sixteen years. I used to do that sneering and arching thing myself. Whatta loser. What an awesome waste of my genetic potential, which offered me the possibility to graduate to such a higher level of independent reasoning.

Then I grew up and learned how to really think for myself. Everything changed after that. It's kind of sad that I was past my intellectual peak by that time at 36, my sharpest years were behind me, wasted on Carl Sagan twit gibberish. All that crap packed into my skull, it's no wonder I could never have an independent train of thought in there.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Just as interesting as mainland Europe skipped winter.


Anonymous said...

You ain't the only one Vault-Co. I've stopped wasting my time and energy on these tv worshipping ****wits. I need to preserve all I have for me and my own.