Thursday, August 16, 2007

Credit Chaos and Yo-Yo Economics

Is a depression of previously unforeseen severity approaching for the United States?

If you base your economy on fiat currency, no amount of sophistry can assure you stability from one day to the next. Your financial security will always be one panic away from total collapse.

Look at the fantastic mythology that constitutes the Amerikwan way of life.

1. Paper is as good as precious metal in currency, the value of a dollar is backed by a company's productivity.

2. Productivity is measured in the amount of fiat currency you are paid for your work.

3. A country can be propped up entirely by service industries and have all their manufacturing of real goods based offshore, which they will pay for with fiat currency.

4. It's more efficient to have goods brought from the other side of the world than to manufacture them right down the block.

5. If any trouble rears it's head, print more fiat currency.

6. If that doesn't work, go to war.

7. Wars will always be fought offshore and be the equivalent of expensive sporting events, which we finance with fiat currency.


Anonymous said...

If you are not in a near panic it's because you're not paying attention. This is serious. You could be stone motherless broke by the end of the year. Hell, it could happen before the end of the month.

If you haven't taken steps to protect yourself then you are a fool.

Fill your cupboard with food. Buy a rifle or buy ammo for your rifle. If you can secure a pistol

Buy gold and buy silver.

Food in cupboard now = less need to buy in the hard times

rifle now = if the hard times turn into the bad times you have the means to defend yourself and your family

gold / silver = protection of your wealth should your fed notes become worthless. Top it all off they are invisible to the government.

Just my opinion but now is the time to be ultra conservative with your money. It's no longer return on investment rather return OF investment.

Anonymous said...

Aw who cares,I'm broke anyway. Still,suppose I've got to watch out for those who DO have a lot to lose...