Friday, August 31, 2007

Amerikwan Balloon Plunges Earthward Screaming Shedding Flaming ZOGBux As Ballast

It's all good, homes. In the larger scheme of things, anyhow. It just may involve the deaths of about 99.9% of the existing population sometime soon in hideous worldwide nuclear war. Oprah Winfrey says it's all part of the magnificent journey on the issues of our life edjumification, I trust Oprah hams'n'all.

The combat stress syndrome of our time - the thousand mile stare of the Amerikwan Mind

Somebody is betting September 2007 is going to be very interesting economically, just like way back in September 2001.

Ron Paul says the government is betting this whole sad polychrome frozen nightmare is ready to give way to the real darkness.

Does Amerikwa think an attack on Iran is the only thing left that can save the dollar?

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are finally covering this.

There isn't just one big weird bet on a crash, there are three. You can find them discussed best here:

Ron Paul has it nailed. ALL those laws passed since 9-11 have but one purpose - keep the lid on as tight as possible when the people finally revolt.

Reminds of an comic strip - Wizard of Id - King's advisor comes to him and says "The people are revolting, Sire !" and the King says, "Yes, they certainly are, aren't they."


About 3 weeks ago, the mortgage markets died literally overnight. One week you could get every toxic POS mortgage you could get a year ago, and the next, you needed 20 percent down, tons of proof of income and a sterling credit score. Even Bank of America came out and said that 40 percent of people who could get a mortgage 6 months ago, do NOT qualify now. Of course they are optimistic, but even their take is catastrophic to every form of investment on the planet.


There is no possible way that the stock market survives to the end of 2007 without a major crash. Those mortgages propped up EVERYTHING - commercial paper, hedge funds, pension funds, banks, even the $600 Billion in MEW has disappeared. Worse at the very top of this humongous pile of crap is $400+ TRILLION in derivatives each of these banks & funds pledged to each other.

So what happens now ?

We are going to pretty much see a replay of the Great Depression - stock market crash by the end of the year (some are forecasting and betting BILLIONS on a crash in the next 3 WEEKS). Massive unemployment next. This has already started with the auto and mortgage industries tanking. Next week some 40,000+ iBank worker bees are supposed to get the axe. J6P comes next. And this time around it will be incredibly worse than in the 1930's because we produce NOTHING in this country anymore except fake tans and fake tits. No more running back to the family farm for some warm food in your belly - those disappeared in the 1980's.

So now you can see why all those neat laws and executive orders passed in the last 6 years will be so necessary. People will be ANGRY and they when the govt provides them the same level of assistance as they gave after Katrina, things will get exceedingly ugly, exceedingly fast. Within a year of the crash we will have riots and then all those neat new laws shredding our rights will finally come in handy for the big boys.

Beyond this, sometime in the next few years, oil prices will skyrocket - they doubled overnight in the 70's then doubled again a few years later - I expect the same this time around - either because of another Bush War in Iran, or simply because the Export Land Model from the becomes reality.

At some point, after people begin to realize the 2nd Great Depression will not end as happily as the first, we go to War for Real over the last resources. China and Russia are clearly setting up for this, as is the US with their practice runs in the Middle East. Inevitable. And nuclear. Figure 15 years at the outside, 10 years as most likely. The sooner it comes, the worse it will be.

Read the Fourth Turning book - it predicted all of this in 1997 - probably about the time the Vault came out of the darkness to spread the light as well.

It's here ... it's here ... I'm finally glad it's here ! LOL