Friday, August 3, 2007

American is falling apart #3

When you read about the sheer magnitude of decay in America coupled with the knowledge of how much the wars against nothing are costing per month, is it childish to assume that this work ain't never gonna get done?

Jared Diamond is of course, completely full of crap. Yet, amongst the catalogue of stolen ideas and ruthless plagiarism that characterizes his work, he has pointed out a critical feature in the history of collapsing empires ... when it rains, it pours. One day it's just swell, the next there are so many problems in a cascading wave of miscarriages that one would have to be mad to believe that anything could possibly be done to reverse the rising tide of appalling failure at every point that counts within and without the civilization in question.

Vault-Co does not believe the infrastructure of America will undergo any substantial restoration or repair before the third world war levels that nation down to bedrock. Put this prediction up on the big board and we'll see if this one comes true in time.


Anonymous said...

But if Diamond is full of crap and allegedly plagiarises from others, then that means those others are not saying the truth as well. And yet all of them essentially lead to the conclusion that you just gave.

Texas Arcane said...

... and it is precisely the kind of intellectual giant posting above that Diamond's books are aimed at.

Anybody who wrote anything true in a book nowadays would scarcely find an audience anywhere to read it. People want to hear lies because they want to be flattered. Telling them they're all incredible morons would not sell any books. People want to hear how edjumificated we all are and intellamajent.