Wednesday, August 1, 2007

America is falling apart, literally

Not just it's rule of law, culture, economics, politics, society and nation.

It's falling apart physically as well.


andyboots37 said...

The same can be said for Canada. Countless water pipes in Toronto have recently been classified as hazardous. The cost to fix it is in the tens of millions. It was a record year for Americans migrating to Canada but there might not be too much consolation. Morally we inaugarated gay marriage. Spiritually, we just erected 40 million dollar sikh temple. North America is a shell of it's Christian heritage. It's just like the Bible said it would be though:)
Praise Jesus, forever and forever.

Anonymous said...

Bridges collapsing too i see...
Think you are onto something here Tex.


Anonymous said...


Vault-Co brings it up and once again a news headline has it 24 hours later.
That's why I read this blog.
I am amazed when he gets it right. I am also amazed when he gets it wrong because his freehand shot usually was pretty close.